Where men go wrong in the style?

Not paying attention to the quality of fabric, going for too many colours and going for ill-fitted clothes are some of the common mistakes that men make while dressing up, says an expert.

Jainam Kumarpal, Director, Bhu:sattva – an organic and eco fashion brand, lists down some style fiascos by men:

* Not paying attention to the quality of fabric: Cheap material can be spotted from a mile away. Therefore, it is best to avoid synthetics at all cost. Choose fabric very wisely.

* Ill-fitted suits: Fitting is the most important factor when it comes to wearing a suit. An outdated or ill-fitted suit can make anyone look clumsy. Suits solve the purpose of making one look sleek and sophisticated, which loose-fitted pieces cannot attain. Thus, it is better to opt for tailor-made suits that can meet your budget and requirement.

* Burst of colours: Until and unless you are deliberately planning to mimic the look of a rainbow, stick to an attire that has not more than three colours to get that co-ordinated approach. It is better to stick to analogous and complementary colours and if you wish to mix different colours, don’t forget that less is always more.

* Mismatching shoes and belt: Colour rule for shoes and belts is important and if they do not match, they can make anyone look unattractive. One must ensure that the shoes are matching with the belt.


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