Youth today prefer organic fabrics for everyday use: Designer

Manish Tripathi, creator and designer behind the premium fashion labels antarDESI and Naveli, says that the Indian fashion industry is becoming more organic and sustainable and added that the youth today are far more environment conscious than ever and prefer organic fabrics in their everyday use.

“The youth is more aware today than ever. Sustainable fashion has been more popular with the youth than anyone else,” Tripathi told IANS.

“Youth today are far more environment conscious than ever and prefer organic fabrics in their everyday use. They are taking more interest and pride in the handloom and textile industry that showcases their culture and heritage,” he added.

Tripathi is also committed towards the cause of social upliftment of the handloom and handicraft industry of India, and has been working with the weavers community to revive the hand woven fabrics in Indian and international markets.

He has showcased collections revolving around handcrafted garments at several renowned platforms to bring the lime-light on Indian handlooms.

He feels that the “Indian fashion industry is becoming more and more organic and sustainable.”

“Awareness about textile and handloom has become popular with most fashion houses. Organic fabrics made from bamboo, eucalyptus, milk, for instance denims from banana fibre are the next big thing in the market. There is far more demand for handloom and organic fibres in the market than ever,” he said.

He also credits the government for promoting textiles in a big way.

There has definitely been more awareness and appreciation for the textile industry after the government’s and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts in uplifting the textile industry. As rightly claimed by the PM himself, textile connects industry and agriculture. Events such as Textile India 2017 are also bringing due attention to the textile industry,” he said.

The designer is now venturing into online space with a new-age concept DesignMee that offers customised and bespoke luxury fashion to a large section of the society by leveraging the digital and the offline retail channel.